The Platform for Crop Design by Environment

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Customized recommendations for each field matching genetics, biology, and fertility to environment increasing grower profitability and sustainability.

Enterprise Solution

Scalable, Comprehensive Platform ready to implement


Data Aggregation

Simplified data ingestion

Post-Harvest Analysis

Enterprise Roll Up

Grower Reports

ARVA Ground Types

Crop Specific Soil &

Climate Classification

ARVA Crop Plan

Matching Genetics &

Fertility to Environment

Data Aggregation

  • Seamlessly host all of your data in one platform

  • Create a comprehensive view of your fields

  • Combine your data with our streams

  • Incorporate our solutions for your missing data


Arva Seed Selector

  • Match hybrid genetics to field environments

  • Manage selection to maximize performance

  • Plan for your desired outcome

  • Mitigate risk while increasing returns


Harvest Analytics

  • Field and farm level report cards 

  • Identify yield limiting factors

  • Chart hybrid performance

  • Analyze performance by environment


AI Crop Planning

  • Predict the impact of changes in management practices

  • Optimizes inputs for higher returns

  • Reduce risk by understanding future outcomes

  • Match hybrids by environment



no matter the data density, our easy to use software provides practical solutions

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cut to the answers that matter

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