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See your most profitable and sustainabile practices – all identified using leading edge science tuned to your fields. Your action steps are distilled from millions of variables to increase profits while protecting and preserving your land, water & air.

We find your smartest profit-based practices to boost returns while preserving natural resources for generations

Barry Knight  
COO |  Indigo Ag

As the COO of a multi-billion dollar Ag Corp, and CEO of Local Seed Company, I've been searching for technology that can handle the size and complexity of my businesses and the value our team's need to deliver to our customers.


ARVA's machine learning is capable of distilling millions of acres down to easy actions focused  on what our farmer customers need: "Tell me what products work best and where to put them to make my operation as profitable as possible." ARVA has delivered BIG results for us over 2 seasons.

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Tim Williamson
Director of Global Production | RiceTec

Scalable solutions

Ai Driven Solutions


Carbon Ready & Carbon Plus

Is carbon worth it for you? Find out how much you'll be paid for what you're already doing. We do the heavy lifting through calculations so you're free to participate in the carbon offset markets to monetize both carbon and environmental credits. 

Ai Driven Solutions

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AI Seed selection & Crop Planning 

Was it just luck, or was it a great strain? Inform your expertise with science-based findings. We calculate the millions of variables to identify ideal strains and crop planning practices for each zone of your fields while reducing interference.  


Ai Driven Solutions

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Post-Harvest Analytics

Feel like you're leaving profit on the table each year? Even the best agronomists don't have time to review every scenario. Use AI to see what you're missing as you identify where to implement your best practices proven on your fields. 


Ai Driven Solutions

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Remote Sensing

Fill in the missing gaps with data. Monitor your crop progress with in-season satellite imaging and dynamic trend visualization. Gather only what's needed to create an effective overview of your land for strategic planning and management. 

Tim Williamson
Director of Global Production | RiceTec

RiceTec is the leading rice genetics company in the world. I have been running small plot trials for years with success. ARVA's Ai Model enabled a deeper look under the hood and not only understand where our strains work in a plot, but were able to look across a whole field and tell us why strains were performing the way they were based on the environment they were planted in. This ultimately helps us match our genetics to the correct environment to optimize performance. We are looking forward to running more data through the system to gain a global perspective on HOW our genetics perform. ARVA classifies environments and matches our genetics accordingly.




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